Falana released her latest single ‘Joy’  and has been embraced by tastemakers from London to Lagos, resulting in support from Wonderland, EARMILK and the Independent. The Nigerian-Canadian artist now presents an engaging introduction to her story by sharing the short documentary ‘Life From My Point Of View’. Watch below.

‘Life From My Point Of View’ covers everything from her early years growing up, her influences and creative process, right through to the making of the video for ‘Joy’. Falana revisits various locations in Lagos that represent landmark moments in her career so far, including the I.AM.ISIGO fashion show room where she played her first head-line show in the city, and ALÁRA, a contemporary design store when she held the launch party for her ‘Chapter One’ EP.

Falana says, “I wanted this documentary to tell my story from my roots to where I am now. Finding old pictures and video footage of me and my family brought back many memories which I wanted to share. The documentary tells the story of how this journey shaped my sound and me as an artist, from Toronto to Lagos via Havana. It is a snapshot of my life and musical journey, right up to the making of the video for my current single ‘Joy’ in Jamaica.”

Raised in Toronto, Falana’s upbringing was soundtracked by a diverse music selection that spanned Fela Kuti to Sia. Her Nigerian parents would play a lot of traditional Yoruba music as a way of staying connected to their home, and through the melting pot of the city, Falana was introduced to the pop, hip-hop, soul, R&B & dancehall that she’d spend hours compiling into her own playlists.

Added to her extensive travelling, spanning London, Denmark to Cuba, Falana has honed in on the sound she’s been searching for.  Falana is now on the road to a bright future as a unique international artist.

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