Danish-US duo Moon Panda kick off their 2022 today with the new single ‘Falling’. Out now with a stunning self-animated video, the track is the latest offering from their debut album ‘What On Earth’, due for release 4th March 2022 via Fierce Panda Records. Stream here, and watch the video below. The band also announced today they will be playing London’s OSLO on the 10th May, following their performance at SXSW in March.

With its hazy, atmospheric sonics and traipsing trip hop beat, ‘Falling’ is aptly named, as singer and bassist Maddy Myers explains: “We named Falling before it had any lyrics. We all thought it felt like the ground was being pulled out from under you – a kind of blissful removal from reality. The lyrics are a contemplation of just kind of existing and trying to be a part of it all. Starting the album out with those first lines, “I don’t need to play a part/I forget that/I can be exactly who I want/I forget that” feels really right. I think it’s such a big part of getting older, realizing that you don’t need to put up with any bullshit – from yourself or anyone else. And that the world is inherently good and bad but you should pay the most attention to the good.”

As with  previous singles ‘Vacationer’ and ‘Cloud Watching’, the band have paired ‘Falling’ with a wonderfully animated video; this time with guitarist Gustav Moltke making his debut to create it himself, his unique sketchy style perfectly complementing the track.

“So this is the first thing I’ve ever animated. I had no idea that it would be the thing I worked on for the next year and the music video for my favorite song from the album! Throughout this music video I was learning how to animate and use the software and pretty much how to create a moving, living story. The only rule I set for myself was that it would all be a one-shot, no cuts. It gives you a feeling of being sucked into the video and accentuates the feeling of falling,” says Gustav.

The debut album ‘What On Earth’ from Moon Panda gently lulls you into their entrancing and dynamic dream pop universe. Speaking about the album Maddy says “Writing this whole album was basically a tool for self-soothing all of our anxious minds. This time it felt monumental, maybe because the entire world was going through something together.”

Following the release of ‘Pastel Pool’ in 2019, Moon Panda signed to legendary British label Fierce Panda for their second EP ‘Make Well’ in 2020. The release earned critical acclaim for it’s luscious, blissed out vibes across grooving bass lines with BBC 6 Music’s Lauren Laverne declaring ‘Slow Drive’ her “favourite track of the year so far…top of the pile for me.”

As the love from BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music and radio stations across the globe grew, Moon Panda realised they were accidentally indulging in a spot of public service broadcasting: as the streaming figures multiplied, so did the messages of thanks from the lockdowned masses across the globe who were using the duos’ music to transport themselves out of their locked down discomfort zones. ‘Slow Drive’ was featured in episode 5 of CBS Studios’ ‘The Republic Of Sarah’, which was broadcast on North American TV channel The CW in July 2021. Having notable shows supporting The Japanese House, and Slow Club – Moon Panda have toured throughout the UK and Denmark, and will be playing the legendary SXSW this year.

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