Glasgow trio, Fatherson, have today released ‘Afterwords’, their follow-up single to ‘Piece Of Mind’ released last month.

Ahead of a UK headline tour in September, ‘Afterwords’, is the second of two songs that were put on hold in 2019 during a session with Cladius Mittendorfer, who produced 2018’s Sum Of All Your Parts. “We were seriously excited about the direction of the songs,” the band explain, “but hit a bit of a brick wall, so we put a pin in them, and started work on what became ‘Normal Fears’. Earlier this year (with the help of Claudius) we finally managed to finish them off. Sometimes these things take time.”

“I wrote ‘Afterwords’ in the spare bedroom of a flat I was renting years ago. My downstairs neighbour absolutely hated when I played piano, they said it permeated every corner of their flat which I never quite understood because I couldn’t even hear it in the living room next door. Trying to make music in that flat out loud was a nightmare so it became pretty headphone heavy. That’s how the sonics of ‘Afterwords’ were born. I was trying to be as loud and expansive as I could be, whilst trying to be as quiet as I could be.”

“Lyrically it’s about the conversations after arguments. And how trying to be icarus just melts your wings. I love how it came out, super keys heavy and sample heavy, a new take on how I could express myself and a cool direction for us as a band to venture into. And I’m so glad it’s finally getting its place out in the world. I don’t live in that flat anymore so I’ve had it on repeat as loud as it can go and it’s brilliant.”


08: EDINBURGH La Belle Angele
09: DUNDEE Fat Sams
14: LIVERPOOL District
15: LONDON Oslo
16: CARDIFF Clwb Ifor Bach
21: GLASGOW SWG3 Galvanizers

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