Manchester via Athens Georgia trio FEATHER TRADE have released their new single, A READY DEFENSE, via all major platforms. You can listen to it here:

A Ready Defense begins with slow military drums and a heaven sent bass line before exploding into waves of crushing and coruscating guitars, ebbing and flowing through almost six minutes. It follows the previous Feather Trade single Big Nobody released in July, and comes ahead of their debut studio album, recorded with US producer Matt Yelton (Pixies, Frank Black & The Catholics) and scheduled for released in the Spring of 2024.

Speaking about A Ready Defense, Chisolm Thompson from the band says: “The song came to me in a fever dream when I was very ill while visiting family during a holiday season a few years ago. I wouldn’t say this was ever meant to be a ‘Christmas’ song as such, but it’s a song about winter and how I believe it is, after all these centuries, still the hardest time of the year for humanity. Deep down I think it brings out our best nature to want to look for the greater good in everyone, but I think we’re often tortured by the inability to find ways to do it.

“I’ve always struggled with guilt during the season of celebrating, knowing there’s so much loss out there during a time of excess, with so many with so little. It’s always most tragic when we’ve lost good friends to crushing loneliness, substance abuse, the weight of the world. I often reflect on the power of acknowledgement of other people. I often dwell on the homeless and the lonely and wish there was a way to give something more to people. Sometimes it seems the mid-winter season is the time when everyone genuinely endeavours to acknowledge and celebrate the existence of one another; of the recognition of dignity in someone else’s humanity.”

To coincide with the single release, Feather Trade will play the following live dates:


Sat 18 Manchester Salford Eagle Inn
Wed 22 Nottingham The Chapel
Thu 23 York Fulford Arms
Tue 28 Oxford Bullingdon (supporting The Chameleons)

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