Ferris & Sylvester have been in peak form in recent months, with new songs such as ‘Dark Side’ and ‘Mother,’ earning a wealth of critical acclaim, while their current UK tour has inspired stirring audience reactions in sold-out venues across the land. Today sees the husband-and-wife duo, Issy Ferris and Archie Sylvester, achieve a fresh landmark moment as they release their second album ‘Otherness’. Its release is accompanied by a new live video of ‘Love Is Real’. Listen to ‘Otherness’ HERE.

As we’ve heard from their recent singles, ‘Otherness’ is an enchanting and immersive listening experience. Their songs dart across genres – folk, Americana, psychedelia, indie-rock, blues and soul – yet they’re united by the sheer strength of their songwriting. Their luscious vocal harmonies tell stories of battling insurmountable odds, of striving to achieve something more, and of feeling like an outsider, while the music is as exemplarily performed as it is emotionally affecting. After their debut album ‘Superhuman’ hit #1 on the Official Jazz & Blues Albums Chart and won UK Album of the Year at the 2023 UK Americana Awards, who knows where ‘Otherness’ could take them?

Issy says, “This album is for anyone who feels like an outsider. ‘Otherness’ is defined as being or feeling different in appearance or character from what is familiar, expected, or generally accepted. Ironically, this feeling of otherness is one we all share and experience, orbiting on our own planets.”

If you’re yet to be enamoured by Ferris & Sylvester, let the new live performance of ‘Love Is Real’ beckon you into their world. It’s a song of cinematic, elegant romance that feels so instantly timeless it’s almost a mystery how it didn’t exist before. It’s also given another touch of class, with the four-piece band augmented by a string section. It represents the latest visual in a series of live performances captured at Real World Studios.

Archie adds, “‘We can’t believe that after two of years of starting this record, it is finally out in the world. Our lives have completely changed since that first day in our studio. We have toured all over the place, we set up a record label, we became parents, and with that we learnt what it is to nearly lose everything. This album is for anyone who feels like they’re on the outside looking in. It is an album about self-discovery, love and loss. We hope this record can be an ally and a friend.”

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