As they prepare to release their new album ‘One Step Back, Two Step Forwards’ on June 9th, indie-pop trio Flawes launch their new podcast ‘Meet At The Hotel Bar’. The podcast will see Flawes – Josh ‘JC’ Carruthers, Freddie Edwardsand Josh ‘Huss’ Hussey – host a relaxed conversation with a variety of special guests from the music world, with the conversation focused on all of those larger-than-life “what happens on tour stays on tour” tales that every artist promises to keep a secret… until now.

The podcast’s title is a reference to the line that follows every touring musician from country-to-country: “Let’s meet at the hotel bar.” Whether it’s the start of a day exploring a new city or a quick post-gig livener before hitting the town, the hotel bar is where so many unforgettable stories begin.

Flawes commented, “These touring stories have never been heard outside of the tour buses and dressing rooms, so we really are lifting the lid on life on the road. We started out with this crazy idea and everyone we asked just kept saying yes, we ended up chatting to some of the biggest names in music. We genuinely had the best time ever recording this series and hope you have as much fun listening to it!”

‘Meet At The Hotel Bar’ starts with a top tier special guest in the shape of Chris Wolstenholme of Muse. Which superstar band made a huge effort to get Muse home for Christmas and ended up in a line-dancing session? What rude advice from a sound engineer changed the band’s future? And how messy did Muse’s touring with The Strokes get? You’ll have to listen to find out…

Flawes added, “Having Chris from Muse on the show was a big moment for us, we’d all grown up listening to Muse and he was so generous with his time. Tying these very busy artists down to a time and date to record the episode was absolutely the hardest part, but once we got them in that hotel bar and reminiscing on touring stories it always felt so natural. On many an occasion, we forgot the mics were even turned on at all.”

New episodes of ‘Meet At The Hotel Bar’ will be released on alternate Mondays. The series will continue with more unmissable conversations with Woody of Bastille; Ella Eyre; Dan Haggis of The Wombats; Hugh Harris of The Kooks;Thom Powers of The Naked and Famous; and Natti Shiner of Fickle Friends. It will conclude with a special guest: Status Quo legend and Freddie’s dad Rhino.

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