Florence Arman releases a story about a friend that just dropped off the face of her world, aptly named Out Of  The Blue.  It is available everywhere via AWAL Recordings. This song will also  be the title song for her debut EP out this Spring.

Pop on the song now; https://florencearman.ffm.to/out-of-the-blue

Speaking in more detail about today’s release of Out Of The Blue, Florence explains “Initially when I was writing ‘Out of the Blue’ I had a different singer in mind, but as I was writing the lyrics, they suddenly became quite personal. I told my brother about it and he said ‘You can keep the good songs for yourself too, you know’, so I did, and he then produced the song with filous. I sneakily wrote a lot of the lyrics during another session, where we were writing a different song.

At the time I was having a hard time getting over a friendship that had ended in a very mysterious way. And in that session when we took a little break, I went to make myself a cup of tea in the studio kitchen and picked up a mug from the shelf that happened to have this friend’s name on it (not such a coincidence with hindsight, he has a pretty generic name). Then I had a little cry on the loo and wrote down a bunch of stuff I needed to get off my chest, and that became a large part of lyrics.“

Early fans of Florence will be familiar with some of the titles below on the tracklist to Out of the Blue EP which is laden with real emotions to normal things.  On her last release, Home, Arman chose a more stripped backdrop to explain home is a feeling, above all else.  Elsewhere on the EP there’s “In a Heartbeat” which is about how contradicting feelings often don’t cancel each other out.  The EP also includes her debut song “Naked” which is an exquisite moment and piece of music about getting to the core of somebody’s being – Delivered cheekily!

1. Home

2. Out of the Blue

3. In a Heartbeat

4. Fever

5. Naked

6. Black& White

7. All Night

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