Frank Turner has regretfully cancelled the remainder of his tour, including his show at Liverpool Olympia on the 20th March.

Statement below:

“Hi everyone. My team and I have obviously been following the news like hawks this last week, both at home and abroad, and working day and night to figure out what the best course of action is for upcoming shows. This is super stressful time for everyone, not least in the live music industry, which is facing nothing short of a catastrophe. Looking at shows in the UK, it is with extremely heavy heart that I must announce that all shows as of now are not going ahead – Norwich, Winchester, Exeter, Liverpool and Nottingham. It’s not sustainable for us to continue, it doesn’t feel like the right decision, for us or for the audience, so we’re heading home. I know some will be disappointed by this – trust me, Micah, Jess and I are beyond gutted.

I’m looking into options for some live broadcast shows and fundraising ideas for the parts of the industry that are hardest hit by all this – news when I have it.

In the meantime, let’s all stay safe and healthy, wash our hands, listen to the advice of medical professionals, and be kind and considerate to our fellow humans in this trying time. Peace.”


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