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Frank Turner joins Lottery Winners for ‘Start Again

Written about leaving the past behind and embracing new beginnings

January is a time for looking forward as the bleakest year in living memory fades and now, soaring over the mound of broken resolutions, comes hope! Lottery Winners join with punk-folk hero, Frank Turner in the first big blast of optimistic, fresh air of 2021 with their single, Start Again. A soundtrack for the vaccine-era, of a new US President, light after the dark, rebirth and new beginnings. 

Written about leaving the past behind and embracing new beginnings, the luminescent video for the track features Turner appearing as a remote flight commander, guiding the band as astronauts through space. The I Still Believe singer helps the glass-half-full four piece find their way to a heart-shaped planet filled with sweeter things as their space rocket lurches away from armageddon on earth.  

Lottery Winners and the HAL-esque Turner power away from raging nuclear war, hate and disease to a new planet engineered in plush velvet and filled with Haribo jelly sweets. Clear in their mission, the band returns to earth and distributes the sugary goodness to all, ushering in the new start to life everyone needs right now. A COVID-Lockdown-busting production, almost every shot of the video was filmed in singer-songwriter, Thom Rylance’s garage using tin foil and a whole heap of imagination. 

The sun-bringing track bottles a moment of future-facing good feeling in an instant classic, FM-ready pop song. Bubbling up through fertile writing and recording sessions at Giant Wafer Studios in rural mid-Wales, it was the keen ear of producer, Tristan Ivemy heard the Frank Turner-shaped hole in the track. Kept apart by necessity, Turner sent vocals digitally to leapfrog the tedious blockades caused by the fun-strangling virus and became the final, perfect-fitting piece of the jigsaw.

At the end of 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on musicians and fellow creatives of all creeds, Lottery Winners released An Open Letter To Creatives, an impassioned plea for everyone with art in their heart to never give up. Originating from a letter-to-self at a moment of  deep personal doubt, the track will re-appear alongside Start Again on a forthcoming EP of the same name, promising to bring Lottery Winners together with even more of their songwriting heroes.  

Lottery Winners, formed of Rylance (vocals/guitar), Robert Lally (guitar/vocals), Katie Lloyd (bass/vocals), and Joe Singleton (drums), released their debut, self-titled album at the start of 2020, reaching Number 23 on the UK Official Album Chart, having steadily grown from their home in Leigh, Greater Manchester to become on of the UK’s most vibrant touring bands. They worked tirelessly in the absence of live shows and released Sounds Of Isolation, a covers album including The Smiths’ There Is A Light That Never Goes Out and Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams with a full orchestral backing.  

With tour dates, including a landmark appearance at Manchester’s O2 Ritz being postponed, Lottery Winners also busied themselves with their own TV series, LWTV, with special guest appearances from heroes including Rick Astley, Jamie Cullum and Happy Mondays’ Rowetta.

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