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Fre$h Hugs’ out today from Tallliah

“Whimsicle, otherworldly and devilishly creative” – FAULT

Singer, songwriter Tulliah has today revealed her stunning debut body of work, Fre$h Hugs – a six track EP packed to the brim with vastly mature musicality and breathtakingly emotional songwriting that catapult Tulliah far beyond her 19 years. Listen HERE.

Tulliah first unveiled ‘Just My Type (A Little Bit Lonely)’  from the new EP at the end of last year, which saw her land a spot in The Independent’s Ones To Watch list for 2021. ‘Distant Dreams’ was the second taste from Fre$h Hugs; a song written as a reminder not to break away from personal dreams and visions for the future. The single saw Tulliah gain further support from Wonderland, tmrw, FAULT and The Independent.

Two further songs that feature on the EP are ‘Okay’ and ‘Take It Off Now Boy’. Focus track ‘Okay’ is the EP’s most intimate and personal moment, which still brings Tulliah to near-tears even months following its writing. Tulliah explains, “It’s about letting [a friend] know that I’m there for them, and that I’m there to listen in a time of need. It’s about just letting your friends know you’re there.”

Moody and scathing, ‘Take It Off Now Boy’ was co-written with Gio Stonne and is scandalously about a mutual friend being cheated on while in a coma. “After hearing what had happened to our friend, Gio and I wrote the song in about 20 mins. It’s about being helpless in this situation. Although our friend was hurting, it’s hard to get over someone that you loved.” Tulliah explains.

In addition, the EP features two interlude tracks which add a tapestry of depth and imagery to the body of world.  ‘Teenager’ is a prelude to ‘Just My Type (A Little Bit Lonely)’ and a BBC audio sample from an interview called ‘It’s The Age of the Teenager’ featuring Lady Lewisham during an interview about what she thinks of young people. On ‘Hey My Friend’, a prelude to ‘Okay’, we hear an emotional Tulliah set the scene for the subject matter of ‘Okay’ – it is raw, unedited and deeply emotive.

There’s a lot to take in on Fre$h Hugs. The EP simultaneously captures Tulliah’s pure brilliance in pop music, alongside the heartfelt stories and emotions that give them their soothing edge; balancing both intimacy and richness through swirling and incredibly powerful pop music. Dean Tuza (Stella Donnelly, The Rubens) sat in the production hot seat across the entirety of the EP, working closely with Tulliah to finesse each track. In addition, Grammy-winning producer David Kahne (Lana Del Ray, Paul McCartney, Stevie Nicks) produced string arrangements that feature on the EP.