Freya Alley – Big Wild World Single Review by George Kirby.

Freya Alley, the London-based singer, glistens on her theatrical new release, ‘Big Wild World’. It is the first release of 2021 for Freya, and once again, she smashes through the industry norm with strength.

Dark with ambient quality, ‘Big Wild World’ leads with a flavour which many will compare to a soundtrack. The music is robust with a piano reaching out with courage from the instant—also, the arrangement grips with a texture which brings harrowing vibes.

Vocally, Freya arrives on top form with a performance which can do little wrong. Her tone brings warmth, and her soothing and tranquil delivery hits home. She takes her own path, and her vision is paying off with a style which stands out with graceful charm. Nevertheless, a few more backing harmonies could give even more weight to the exciting mix.

As the track hits the melting point in the midsection, the path becomes more experimental. Furthermore, a drumbeat rises with a 90s Britpop and dance feel. Also, the instruments push through the piercing mix, taking no hostages in their stride. Suddenly, many of the sounds which rise take a step back and Freya takes the focal position once again with the piano projecting itself forward as it comes to the closing stages.

With a successful backlog under her belt already, Freya is set to blow up in 2021. The foundation is there; she means business, and she is on her way to broad recognition. But, her next releases will be vital to ensure that she keeps rising through the echelon. Mind you; if this track is anything to go by, then she is well poised.

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