With their spellbinding third album ‘Shoals’ out this Friday, London band Palace today release their latest single, “Friends Forever” via Fiction. The single release is accompanied by a video shot on 16mm film and directed by Palace frontman Leo Wyndham between London and NYC. The band have also announced a string of intimate record store shows shows across England later in February. Tickets for instores as well as UK, Europe and North America tours are available HERE.

Out this Friday, January 21st,‘Shoals’ is a profound and pensive album, boldly exploring some of life’s greatest questions over its 12 mesmerising tracks. The album deftly explores the interplay of three central existential dilemmas against a broader backdrop of wonder at the vastness and power of the ocean, concluding its arc with the stunning opus ‘Where Sky Becomes Sea’. Through diving into themes of the subconscious, dreams and existentialism, ‘Shoals’ is broadly a record about living with and processing fear. As frontman Leo Wyndham explains:

“‘Shoals’ is a record about confronting our own fears and anxieties. Through the pandemic we were confronted more than ever with ourselves with little distraction, suddenly seeing who we are in the rawest of forms. It held a mirror up to our flaws and imperfections and forced us to see the real ‘us’.

The record symbolises how our minds can have beautiful yet dangerous depths, like the ocean, and how our fears and thoughts are like shoals of fish that move and shift constantly from place to place; chaotic, often untameable and unpredictable.”

‘Shoals’ is comprised of 12 tracks, and in addition to ‘Friends Forever’ the album will include the brilliant singles, ‘Shame On You’, Where Sky Becomes Sea’, ‘Fade’,  ‘Lover (Don’t Let Me Down)’ and ‘Gravity’ released in 2021.

Following the release of the album, Palace will embark upon their biggest tour yet, with dates across the UK, Europe, and the US, including a not-to-be-missed show at the O2 Brixton Academy on 11th February.

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