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Fryars announces 3rd album ‘God Melodies’

God Melodies, due for release on July 16th via Fiction Records.

Fryars today announces details of his third album God Melodies, due for release on July 16th via Fiction Records. His first release since 2014’s Power, the new album features the album’s previously released title track, ‘Quail’s Egg No.1 In C Sharp Major’ and new single ‘Orange Juice’, out today. Pre-order God Melodies here.

Today’s deceptively upbeat yet introspective new release ‘Orange Juice’ describes a personal experience of Fryars’ and how he dealt with it: “This next song is Orange Juice in which I tell the story of receiving an awful diagnosis, not confiding in anyone and then going out on the town solo to drown my sorrows. Juice is off the menu. A Miami driving anthem to blast in the Uber. I don’t care who’s gonna drive me home now I’m on my own.”

God Melodies came together in Fryars’ London home studio with his wife Rae Morris and Beach Boys / Stereolab collaborator and The High Llamas frontman Sean O’Hagan; emerging as an utterly unique record brimming with warmth, colour and beatific urge. Inspired by cool counter-culture Jews Fryars has always admired, Paul Simon and Randy Newman, it places their songwriting tradition firmly in the modern day: ultra HD production reminiscent of the melodic sensibilities of Brockhampton and Dirty Projectors.

Across eleven varied sonic worlds brought to life by thoughtful electronic notes and soaring strings, Fryars dives deep into the humdrum of the human experience in beautifully intricate detail; “People often talk about music being cathartic, that we use it to work through our sadnesses. But it can also be used as a preservative for joy and the small things that pass us by. We don’t acknowledge happiness enough because it’s really hard to admit when you’re happy and it often doesn’t make other people that happy either! But joy translated well into music has an inflationary effect. That’s what the record is all about really.”

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