Welcome to Channels May Change: a channel, production house & record label founded by Mercury Prize and BRIT Award nominated musician Fyfe Dangerfield.

In the physical realm, Channels HQ currently resides in an ex-Turkish Delight factory in North East London, overlooking train tracks & a family of loud, loud foxes; in the virtual one, www.channelsmaychange.com exists as a burgeoning digital home for Fyfe and an arc of collaborators, a free playground where everything and anything made for the pure joy of creativity alone can be shared, ready to be sampled by the curious.

In Fyfe’s own words: “We casually share informal photos of ourselves all the time these days, and I need to be able to operate the same way creatively… to happily show myself in my musical pyjamas, rather than only ever presenting the smartened up ‘first date’ version of myself to the world.

So Channels May Change is that open station for me, where all the strangest, most oddly-shaped ideas that make no rational sense but still tickle me can reside, without them feeling like their only option is to have to jostle & hustle for living quarters on a more conventional release.”

‘Woah! Life’ is the debut official release on the Channels May Change label, in association with The state51 Conspiracy, and the first single from Fyfe’s The Birdwatcher EP, due out 5th March.

The kaleidoscopic, poignant track – written, performed & produced by Dangerfield – rides the full dynamic wave from spirit whispers to intensity-overload, and its distinctive flickering, restless sonics have been matched with a shapeshifting collage of visuals from the Channels Art Dept. of Director-in-Chief Gavin Bush, Dangerfield & in-house Creatrix Ocho Fernandez.

“‘Woah! Life’ is my attempt to voice surrender”, says Fyfe .. “at the wild, beautiful, gigantic uncertainty of life .. that rickety journey of trying to learn how to embrace the chaos, cherish the fleetingness, rather than fighting it.”

Equally at ease tinkering on charity shop keyboards or scoring for symphony orchestras, Fyfe is renowned for the four acclaimed albums he released with Guillemots, including 2006’s Mercury Prize-shortlisted Through the Windowpane, as well as his 2010 solo album Fly Yellow Moon, which drew the likes of Sir Paul McCartney along to his live shows.

It is a handful of tracks from Birdwatcher that now make up The Birdwatcher EP, and kick off a year that is set to see a raft of official releases on the Channels May Change label, alongside the channel’s ongoing stream of free creative goodies.

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