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Fyfe releases new single ‘Games’

Fyfe today shares his brand new single ‘Games’, which is the title track from his new eight-track EP

From the millions of streams and acclaim he has attracted for solo tracks such as ‘For You’ and ‘Solace’ to collaborations with the likes of Iskra Strings, Kimbra and Foxes, Fyfe commands attention for his beguiling, leftfield take on electro-tinged pop. Fyfe today shares his brand new single ‘Games’, which is the title track from his new eight-track EP which follows on December 9th. It represents his first solo body of work since the 2017 album ‘The Space Between’.

‘Games’ initially introduces itself as pop as its most minimalist, as Fyfe’s heavily distorted vocal is accompanied by an austere backdrop of instrumentation. And then it ignites almost without warning, with swelling synths and bombastic beats supporting the rush of intensity of its vocal hook. That dynamic contrast continues to power the track, which reintroduces Fyfe as an arch purveyor of atypical alt-pop. Listen HERE.

Fyfe says, “‘Games’ is about being pulled in multiple directions and doing nothing well. Knowing you’ve got something really special, namely love, family, and friends but putting other things first. I see the phrase ‘playing games’ partially as a metaphor for the lottery of the music industry and trying to ‘make it’ at the cost of everything else, and also the general meaning of being slightly deceitful in your actions.”

Elsewhere, the ‘Games’ EP finds Fyfe exploring a variety of stories which are loosely connected by questioning one’s place in the world. It addresses issues of anxiety, the pressures of crafting an image on social media, questioning his identity as an artist, songwriter and producer, the infinite  possibilities that are presented by alternative reality and string theory, or simply embracing the people that matter to help escape the mindset of such existential thoughts.

Having spent much of his time as a writer and producer for the likes of Foxes, Gabrielle Aplin and Mika, Fyfe discovered that his catalogue of unfinished solo tracks was building up. So when he planned to make his partnership with Iskra Strings his main focus, he took the opportunity to complete the best ideas he had backed up for this EP. Fyfe and Iskra Strings will release a substantial new project next year, which follows their two self-titled EPs together, which were amalgamated in 2019’s ‘Extended Play’ album.

Fyfe adds, “I amassed a collection of songs in various different finished states. I just thought it would be good to mark this moment, before the release of my next project with Iskra Strings, by putting the songs out.”

The ‘Games’ EP is available to pre-order or pre-save here.