Being a Knight of the Vale in HBO’s Game of Thrones means a life-long oath to battle evil, but it turns out that once the show ends you’re free to do what you want, and for Galvo that means releasing his incredibly personal debut album – The HeARTist.

The 14-track indie-folk project is out now, on the singer-songwriter’s birthday, but has already been receiving buzz following the releases of its two singles Getting Better and Maybe. To date, the singles have received airplay the world over and have been favourably covered by the likes of The Irish World, RAMZine, and Fame Magzine.

Galvo’s sound is distinct and perhaps best characterised by his raw vocals, intricate guitar layering, and rich composition. Using acoustic sounds, Galvo creates music that is rallying and energetic, often drawing audiences to their feet with kinetic percussion.

Galvo is a storytelling musician which is a philosophy that runs throughout The HeARTist. Many of the album’s songs take root in the musician’s eclectic experiences – some happy, some sad, all honest.
Its rousing piano led opener Weight throws audiences in with Galvo and his brother as children trying to save their dog from the 160mph winds their stepfather had chained them in. Its closer, The Hammer, examines the ways in which we say goodbye to old partners. Based on Galvo’s ex who is getting married, the artist looks at the search inward for a healthy version of yourself that is able to deal with the loss.

Not one to turn his back on his filmmaking background, Galvo is releasing the HeARTist as a visual album with each track having an accompanying music video. The music video for the lead single – Getting Better – has already accumulated over 10,000 views in a month.

Maybe and Getting Better are available across all platforms now.

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