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Gathering of Strangers release ‘Naked & Blind’

GATHERING OF STRANGERS are making their mark with thunderous new single “Naked & Blind”. 

GATHERING OF STRANGERS are making their mark with thunderous new single “Naked & Blind”. 


Born from the idea that strength can emerge from the wreckage of vulnerability and tough times, the latest cut from Gathering of Strangers gnaws its way through shadowy indie-rock riffs, an anthemic chorus and a narrative of overwhelming emotions.

Crepuscular and catchy in equal measure, the Manchester-based five-piece blend affecting lyricism —  touching on the transformation to hope from helplessness — with earworm guitar rhythms that similarly seesaw between light and dark.

Speaking of the conception of the thunderous new track, Gathering of Strangers say:

“We wrote this song last year in the middle of the madness of the pandemic. Tom, our guitarist, led the rehearsal with a subtle yet captivating lead line that we ended up forming the whole song around.” 

Anthemic and ardent, “Naked & Blind” takes a darker tact than earlier release “Cherry Red” with looming guitar lines and vociferous vocals that craft an ominous, angst-tinged ambience.

Discussing the narrative behind the track, the band add:

“Battling with our own highs and lows throughout these years taken from us, we used this song to portray our heightened emotions in our most vulnerable states. Tackling these tough times, we were able to identify how strength can be born from vulnerability when allowing yourself to be open and focus on brighter days ahead.” 

After its conception in the peak of the pandemic, the track was mixed and produced by David Watts at The Chairworks (Castleford), and engineered by Seadna McPhail.

With its rousing, rip-roaring hooks and inspirited and impassioned narrative, “Naked & Blind” sees Gathering of Strangers make their mark as an voltaic guitar band with blistering potential — and the promise of more to come.