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Gavin James shares acoustic version ‘Boxes’

“The uplifting new track is sure to tug at your heartstrings.” – Hot Press

Gavin James’ latest single ‘Boxes’ is extending the huge global following that the Irish musician has organically established. It quickly exceeded 10 million streams, but just as importantly its lyrics “We don’t fit into your boxes / We’re all different underneath” connected with people all over the world. It subsequently went viral, with over 20,000 videos at TikTok showing people expressing their individuality via #WeAreDifferent.

Gavin himself shared two to get the challenge rolling. He first introduced the challenge using sign language and then shared his own different take on ‘Boxes’ using nothing more than a traditional Irish tin whistle. In addition to making a global impact, ‘Boxes’ also took off in Ireland too, hitting #1 on the national airplay chart and almost immediately becoming one of the ten biggest songs of the year by an Irish artist.

The track’s momentum now continues to race on as Gavin shares a new acoustic version of ‘Boxes’. Stripping back the production to little more than sparse piano and almost choral vocal harmonies enables the conviction of Gavin’s words to hit even harder. His story is personal, from his time spent at a stern boys’ school to people saying he would never have any success in music. Yet the message is powerful and immediately relatable: don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. Listen HERE.

The acoustic version is accompanied by a live video filmed in The Gaiety Theatre in Dublin, a historic venue that holds personal significance to Gavin as it’s where his grandfather used to perform as a comedian.

And what would’ve happened had Gavin listened to those who doubted him? He would’ve missed out on a career that has already included over a billion streams, 250,000 ticket sales, plus shows with Niall Horan, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran. And that’s before you consider 22 Platinum records, two sold-out 3Arena shows in Dublin and an unlikely #1 in Brazil after he performed his single ‘Nervous’ in the leading telenovela (soap opera) ’Pega Pega’.

What’s more, Gavin James is only now stepping into the spotlight to confirm his status as an artist of international renown.