Inspired by 20th century children’s TV, Benny Sings, The Andrews Sisters, and The Beatles, George  Moir is a fascinating artist in the modern-day musical landscape. An animator, writer, producer, and  musician, George was raised as one of eight homeschooled children on a honey farm. The unique  world that encompasses George’s music pulls on his unique upbringing by his Artist Mother, and  Apiarist Father, providing a hitherto unexplored perspective on life in the UK. A truly versatile artist,  George recently collaborated with Welsh rapper and singer Yxngxr1 in a sweet indie breakup track  “Hair Tie”, as well as soundtracking the Netflix Teen Romance film “Hello, Goodbye, and Everything  In Between”.

Apollo 13 is the long awaited first release of 2022 for George Moir, and the first independent release  of his catalogue. Accompanied by a homemade music video, the quirky, upbeat track follows George  on his journey to success. Full of frustration, humour, and sweet wholesome overtones, George’s  smooth and grainy voice sits over an excited dry drum kit, warbly and anxious guitars, and snippets of  radio chatter. It’s a track that solidifies George as one of the UKs most interesting contemporary  songwriters, as excitement builds for his upcoming EP “Wish You Were Here”.

George Says about Apollo 13:

“So much of the messaging I’ve run into about success and well-being has actually been counter  productive for me – there’s a huge focus on taking the right steps, believing in your own abilities and  determination, and if you have the right mindset you can do anything. So if you’re doing all the right  things and still don’t see success it can be a real bummer. My own experience has been that if it’s not  meant to be, then you’re not getting there no matter what you try, so much of it is beyond our  control, and I think that can be a really comforting thing. This track is born out of those experiences,  writing it was a great way to vent my frustrations with myself and the world, and an encouragement  after being bombarded with unhelpful advice.”

Going from strength to strength, George Moir’s project is revered by The Sunday Times’ Breaking  Act, Dork Magazine, BBC Radio 1’s Gemma Bradley, Greg James and Jack Saunders, BBC  Introducing and Radio X.

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