British pop maverick Georgia and rising DJ/Producer David Jackson have today dropped the madcap new video for their euphoric single “Get Me Higher”

Directed by Remi Laudat, the videos echo the carpe diem vibes of the track, capturing that feeling of pure, in-the-moment joy that comes from being with your friends and the sensation of the world coming to life around you. Starting out at a house party the video quickly starts to delve into surrealist territory, culminating in a psychedelic creshendo.


Arriving as the world begins to re-open, “Get Me Higher” is a transcendent and timely club banger about venturing out into the world and seizing the moment. The antithesis to TikTok trends and Zoom parties, “Get Me Higher” encourages you to get out and embrace the world. An exhilarating reminder of the beauty of human connection and transformative power of dance music, it’s imbued with an infectious sense of freedom and love.

Built around the recurring lyrics “Can you feel your heart is beating/Can you know that somethings real/When you feel your heart is bleeding/Now you know you feel it” the song is a visceral reminder of what it is means be alive, the phasing synths, padded bass and thumping beats building up until the song explodes like a confetti canon.

Speaking of about the song, Georgia said: “I want ‘Get Me Higher’ to be the anthem to lift us up out of lockdown. In a way this song sort of fell from the sky at the perfect time and I want to see people dancing to it in the street, in their cars, up in the clouds or wherever they are because this song is about so much more than just having a boogie- it’s about freedom!”

David Jackson said: “Making ‘Get Me Higher’, we wanted to create something that embodies that carefree feeling of running back out into the world, hugging your friends, and dancing like nobody’s watching. It’s like a primal scream that makes you realize we’re at the end of this long dark tunnel, about to re-enter the dreamscape we once called reality. Pure euphoria, pure love!”

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