Greeted by fresh tastemaker attention from The Line of Best Fit and Wonderland, LOVE SICK’S recent single ‘Run Out Of Love’ provided a compelling taste of what to expect from their upcoming body of work. Now the Scottish duo unleash more of their artistic vision by sharing the new brand single ‘Get Wild’. Both songs preview their eagerly anticipated debut mixtape ‘SICK’, which follows on 1st April and is available to pre-save HERE.

‘Get Wild’ opens with brooding R&B beats before Shaun Canning’s twisted synths and lurching bass directs push the song into the darker side of the alt-pop spectrum. Julie Knox’s topline then exudes an hypnotic allure, her vocals narrating the tale of a woman who is determinedly disinterested at the games played by her love interest. Why wallow in self-pity when you get drunk, get high, go out, and get wild? Watch the visualiser HERE.

LOVE SICK say, “We wrote this during lockdown and wanted to write about the feeling of finally going out after lockdown and how this might feel: like that first night out when a relationship fails and you feel free and just want to go out, get drunk and ‘get wild’.”

‘Get Wild’ opens another window into the upcoming ‘SICK’ mixtape, which sees the duo explore the sizzling tension and tender subtleties that can make or break relationships. Channelling late night hedonism, it dives into a multitude of reference points including Miley Cyrus’ eclectic ‘SHE IS COMING’, Mark Ronson’s heartbreak anthem collection ‘Late Night Feelings’as well as the festival-conquering Caribou and woozy electronic maverick Kaytranada.

‘SICK’ is the first instalment in two interrelated mixtapes that the duo will release this year. This is the darker episode of the story, which will ultimately chart love’s extremes, from euphoric adoration to sour separation with all of the borderline break-ups, fleeting encounters and utter confusion that comes in-between.

The pair add, “The mixtape is about the ups and downs of relationships. From euphoric moments to breaking up and making up, going through heaven and hell for someone you love and how love sometimes doesn’t feel like love.”

It’s a theme that LOVE SICK are absorbed by because it’s the very essence of their relationship. Working in separate offices for the same company, Julie and Shaun first met at a Christmas party. They began hooking up and collaborating on music at the same time – the LOVE SICK name being an apt name for both the highs and lows of their time together.

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