Giant Rooks’ new single ‘Misinterpretations’ oscillates between melancholy and hopefulness. The track combines thoughtful lyrics with an atmospheric and almost floating soundscape and, together with the three previous singles, gives an idea of the many facets that will await the listener on album length.

The song follows ‘Watershed’, ‘What I Know Is All Quicksand’ and ‘Heat Up’, making it the fourth and last foreshadower for the debut album ‘Rookery’, slated for an August release.

In 2015, singer Frederik Rabe, guitarist Finn Schwieters, bassist Luca Goettner, keyboardist Jonathan Wischniowski, and drummer Finn Thomas founded Giant Rooks. Since those early days they’ve already come a long way. They won numerous awards in their native Germany, built up a seven- figure monthly listenership on Spotify, and have sold out concerts everywhere from Rome to Paris to Manchester. In Germany, they’re already filling venues other artists need years to fill. They took their time with their debut, having played more than 350 shows in recent years, and this has given them the time and space to refine their own sound. The band’s “Rookery World Tour” has been rescheduled for 2021 and the UK dates will be happening throughout April.

When it comes to playing music, as well as listening to it, Giant Rooks aren’t looking to fit into any one genre or emulate anyone. “You have so many opportunities to discover new music, artists like Celeste or Joy Crookes, not to mention soul. That’s been a huge influence for us,” says singer Frederik Rabe. In terms of content, it’s an album that looks questioningly into a world of unrest and isn’t looking to offer simple answers. Who am I? And how can I find my role in this world? This is mirrored in the lyrics of ‘Misinterpretations’: „Another day on earth to try to make a sense of other lives / don’t know why we are heading west”. Despite these ruminations on ‘Misinterpretations’, one thing is certain after listening to the new song: when ‘Rookery’ drops later this year it’s going to be a perfect and very varied debut.

Rookery Tour 20121

11.04.2021 UK-Liverpool | O2 Academy 2 (New)
13.04.2021 UK-Brighton | Patterns
14.04.2021 UK-London | Village Underground
15.04.2021 UK-Manchester | Academy 2

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