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Gildor releases new single ‘Thinking Back’

The Dutch artist today introduces himself to UK audiences by sharing his single ‘Thinking Back’

The folk-pop singer-songwriter Gildor writes songs with an enchanting timeless quality. Drawing on influences such as JJ Cale, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and Nick Drake, Gildor proves that breezy melodies, reflective lyricism and a warm, organic live sound are qualities that still remain equally as captivating today.

The Dutch artist today introduces himself to UK audiences by sharing his single ‘Thinking Back’ along with its official video. ‘Thinking Back’ provides the first taste of his debut album ‘Silent River’, which will follow later this year. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW. Listen HERE.

Blissfully chilled out yet also immediately addictive, ‘Thinking Back’ demonstrates Gildor’s innate command of those classic traits. His voice is soothingly serene, his electric guitar embellishments chime and sparkle, while its gently upbeat rhythm is perfect for the current mid-summer vibe. Its lyrics are just as charming, as Gildor looks back upon the times that shaped who he is today.

Gildor says, “It’s about reminiscing on good ol’ times, that I’m sure we all know in one way or another. For me it encompasses careless days of summer out in the countryside in France. Growing up alongside friends, wondering how it could ever be any other way. But life is long and often turns out not to go as you would’ve imagined, and that might just be the beauty of it.”

‘Thinking Back’ was produced by Isabel Gracefield (Adele, Radiohead, Sam Smith) and was recorded at RAK Studios in London. Gildor also today shares two further songs from those sessions. ‘What’s The Deal Again?’ sees him stepping into Americana / indie-folk territory with a gospel undercurrent, while his brings a brighter hue to John and Beverley Martyn’s tranquil ‘Parcels’.