Girl Crush are a Swedish/British duo with a penchant for lost youth, heartbreak and a future that never came. New single Radio Silence is a meditative take exploring the demanding nature of communications in 2018. As vocalist Ottilia Kjulsten explains:

“It’s about how we interact with media today, we demand instant response from everything. If someone doesn’t get back to us within a minute we freak out. “

In an era of urgency and fear of being ‘left on read’ this can make new relationships, however fleeting, harder to navigate. Kjulsten continues, “It’s not just the douchebag that doesn’t call you back, it’s how it reflects on yourself and your expectations.”

Musically, Radio Silence blends upbeat hooky melodies with insecure and introspective lyrics – that juxtaposition culminating in a rare slice of sophisticated pop.

Despite the project being at a formative stage, recent single Warm Blooded was championed by Phil Taggart on BBC Radio 1 and received huge support from various Spotify playlists.

Girl Crush is also a fashion project, with a limited-edition piece of streetwear being launched with each release.

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