LA-based pop trailblazer Grace Gaustad has shared a new single and video ‘The Cloud’ – stream here and watch here. ‘The Cloud’ appears on Gaustad’s forthcoming multimedia concept album PILLBX: whts ur fantasy?, which will culminate this summer in an epic cinematic film.

‘The Cloud’ is a delicate and glowing art pop track, where Gaustad’s vocals are swirling and haunting around soft electronics. It’s an incredibly considered and mature track for the 21 year old, with the video depicting physical isolation in an overconnected digital world, featuring a cameo from Emmy and Golden Globe winner Mariska Hargitay.

Speaking further about the track Grace says “‘The Cloud’ is a song about the epidemic of loneliness we all feel from the primary relationship we have with our cell phones. We’ve become so dependent on our phones that we now store the best parts of our life somewhere in the cloud, as opposed to enjoying them while they’re happening.”

Following up their 2021 debut album BLKBX: wht r u hding?, Grace Gaustad’s new album PILLBX: whts ur fantasy? is a 13 track linear continuation of their journey through young adulthood, exposing the collective mental anguish young adults feel today and the multiple different realities our lives could take if history had been different. Grace was recently interviewed by The Line of Best Fit, who said the album sees them“push sonic and storytelling boundaries alike, embracing the pure thrill of exploring honest self-expression.”

PILLBX: whts ur fantasy? features a curated list of floor banging dance tracks, pop anthems destined to be classics, and hauntingly devastating ballads that are sure to be timeless favourites. Each track from the multimedia concept album is being released like an episodic mini-series with an all star cast featuring the likes of actress and transgender rights activist Dylan Mulvaney, and Emmy and Golden Globe winner Mariska Hargitay. Watch the album trailer here.

“I refuse to conform to societal standards and expectations, so within the walls of my bedroom and studio, I created my own world, my own reality, and my own rules. I invite anyone who has ever felt different for any reason into the magical world known as PILLBX” – Grace Gaustad

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