Singer-songwriter Denis Coleman today releases his latest single ‘Halogen Nights’, via AWAL. Following on from previous pop-punk influenced single ‘pillowTHOUGHTS’, the high-tempo bravado of ‘Halogen Nights’ sees Denis apply a melodramatic, absurdist lens to the toxicity and superficiality of modern existence. With quick-witted lyricism and self-aware pop charisma, the single builds on Denis’ recent work and  is written and co-produced by Denis himself.

About the track, Denis writes: “Halogen nights is a song about nothing about nothing. Toeing the line between absurdism and nihilism, knowing irony and brutal honesty, the song chronicles the self-destructive lifestyle symbolized by the meaningless phrase “chemical days and halogen nights.” The protagonist of the song exists in a superficial society, both participating in it and aware of the pointless metrics and customs which define it. He feels the attraction and then downward pull of the vicious cycle of materialism and validation and can’t help but be drawn into the nebulous pool of “self pity” it inevitably leads to. Half a celebration of free-spirited existence, half a biting critique of modern civilisation, Halogen Nights is both a pointless throwaway pop song and an exposé on the culture that makes such songs successful.”

Denis’ music career has seen several impressive milestones so far, including supporting the tours of pop icons such as The Vamps, HRVY, New Hope Club and Why Don’t We and headlining multiple venues across the UK. He has also released several singles over the years racking up well over 6 million streams, including his single ‘Make Friends (R3HAB Remix) ’ which has already garnered 2 Million Spotify streams and counting. With over 100,000 followers across social platforms, Denis uses his reach to advocate for mental health, regularly speaking and performing in schools to raise awareness.

2022 is set to be an exciting year for Denis. Showcasing his commitment to distinct production and songwriting, there is a wealth of new music on the way that is deeply personal to Denis’ life and expansive creativity. But music is not the limit – Denis is also set to feature in an upcoming Netflix feature film set to release later this year, further cementing Denis Coleman within a new generation of stars defined by versatility and ambitious artistic vision.

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