Hannah Ashcroft has released her new single ‘Shadow’. It is the first new music to come from the Manchester-based guitarist, singer and songwriter since her 2020 single ‘Under The Static’.

‘Shadow’ is a brooding, sedated track which bears all the hallmarks of Hannah’s trademark sound. Her ethereal, searching vocals lilt over an expansive, cinematic backing of reverb guitars and a slow beat, before the chorus blooms with the yearning of the central lyric: “everyone wants to go where you go – I follow in your shadow”.

The song was written by Hannah, and produced by her and Samuel Quinn. It was recorded by Hannah and her band at Manchester’s Pinhole Studios.

Of the the song, Hannah says:

“Shadow was written during an all female songwriting residency I did with Beth Orton. This was the first opportunity I’d had to collaborate with a group of talented and inspiring women and it was incredibly liberating. The first thing we did was to sit down and talk about our experiences in the industry and I think that heavily influenced the track. It wasn’t something I’d intended to write specifically about but by the end of the week, it had just kind of fallen out onto the page.”

Born in the North-West of the UK, Hannah Ashcroft is a guitarist, singer and songwriter whose material and live shows have made her an indelible part of the Manchester indie music scene of today. Her prowess on the guitar is equally impressive on the acoustic as the on the electric guitar, and they combine with her beautifully haunting vocals which are at once soft and powerful – creating a sound which effortlessly bridges indie, folk, singer-songwriter and rock.


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