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Hare Squead share new single ‘Handle Bars

“Hare Squead are pioneers of a creative boom taking place in Dublin… They have Ed Sheeran’s business savvy, compositional expertise, plus chiselled jaws and puppyish enthusiasm.” – The Guardian

Hare Squead continue to lead the charge for Irish hip-hop, their magnetic rhymes and multi-genre productions proving that they offer something that sets them apart from the pack. Those traits permeate everything they release, from the huge GoldLink collab ‘Herside Story’ right through to last year’s Superweird EP. It featured one of their biggest moments to date in the shape of the Rory Stewart-inspired ‘Minor Gangsters (Gully)’, which they memorably performed for COLORS.

Now the duo drop their brand new single ‘Handle Bars’. Listen HERE. It finds Hare Squead extending the unpredictable streak with which they’ve built their reputation. Launching with the track’s heavily autotuned but curiously compelling hook, the production remains fascinatingly off-kilter. Woozy, seasick beats are supported by a streamlined acoustic guitar motif, beforeLilo Blues’s breathless bars tell the story of a lost love. Tony Konstone matches him by bringing the fire with a  rapid, staccato flow. It’s given one final inventive touch, with a dreamlike breakdown.

Tony Konstone says, “We all love in different ways, and sometimes our way of love may not be accepted by the person you wanna give it to. But if all that toxic shit isn’t there, then you need to accept your differences and nurture each other. You have to change yourself for who you love, and vice versa. Whether it be with friends, siblings, a stranger you’re trying to get to know, or in a romantic way. As hard as it is, accepting that is love too. It makes that shit fun.” 

‘Handle Bars’ is the first track to preview Hare Squead’s third EP, which will follow in the spring. The EP’s lyrics are all inspired by dreams, creating tracks that offer a mystery to be unravelled. As ‘Handle Bars’ shows, their sonics will take another step into the unknown, with a new surreal edge matching the mood established by their words.

Having debuted in 2016 with ‘If I Ask’ and then the ‘Supernormal’ EP, Hare Squead have become tastemaker favourites. They’ve also made big steps towards bringing global recognition for the domestic hip-hop scene, having further grown their following with collabs with the likes of Jay Prince and Peter Xan.