Decca Records’ new signing is an individual that confesses a deep affinity with music. Harry Edwards, who has grown into an impressively adventurous creative, states that music has been an integral part of his identity from childhood. He was constantly referred to as ‘that music guy’. Even so, Harry admits that his sight wasn’t necessarily set on a career in music, he was purely focused on learning how to experiment with the endless possibilities within sound. 

Harry suffered with repetitive strain injury due to an early obsession with the drums. Instantly, Harry explored his abilities with a wider instrument spectrum and embraced his natural inclination for creative curiosity. Although not wholly confident in his own vocal ability, the way Harry crafts instrumentation in unexpected, sometimes syncopated waves around his vocals has been noted by the growing list of musicians he has worked with. Because of this, Harry’s innovative approach to music can sometimes be abrupt, sometimes gentle, but always showcases a radical reinvention of traditional order.

Throughout this journey, Harry’s music has been recognised to display a quiet sense of isolation. Isolation is something that has been reluctantly woven through Harry’s lived experience both geographically and mentally. Having attempted the traditional route of academia, in the end Harry found solace and belonging working on the musical front line – instead of researching 16th century Opera in the library. Leaving a session with Usher (quite literally) to return to a shift at Tesco forced Harry into a life-altering ultimatum … put his music out into the world or listen to his parents and their advice about managerial roles and next steps.  Quickly though, Harry’s presence was requested by Paul Epworth at sessions with unbelievable names in the field such as Twigs and Beck.

The Loops mixtape fluctuates behind walls of menacing synths and distorted vocals. The complexity found in the first intricate, electronic soul leaning single, I Hope You Hear is accompanied by a comfortingly nostalgic video. The purposefully glitchy visuals tap into hazy memories with an aspiration to relive intimate moments with loved ones through an empathetic lens.  

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