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‘Healing The Process’ new from Denis Coleman

Denis Coleman releases his gritty single ‘Healing the Process’.

Shedding his candy floss coating and unveiling his inner teenage angst, Denis Coleman releases his gritty single ‘Healing the Process’.

‘Healing the Process’ is a cathartic release from Coleman as he invites us into his personal struggles with the modern-day pace of social media innovation, it’s all-encompassing presence and the pressures it brings – relatable to many, made more relatable by Denis. Built on grungy riffs to backdrop his sophisticated penmanship, the single not only lends itself as a sonic tantalisation but a reminder of the pure versatility in this budding artist as he transcends his former pop self to awaken a darker side patiently waiting within him.

In his own words, Denis explains: I wrote this song about getting fed up with micro-dosing dopamine on social media to improve my mental health and wanting to find a more healthy way to think. It’s a conflicting song, partially encouraging the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle and partially just resigned to the fact that social media is an inescapable part of life and identity. It’s a dichotomy which is deeply personal to me but also pretty common in my generation, and I hope that this song can help articulate these thoughts for anyone listening.”

Bringing to life the sentiment of the track, the music video follows Denis on a visit to his therapist, one that seemingly starts how it should, but soon escalates into Denis’ thoughts breaking into reality and overcoming the session. Directed by London based multidisciplinary video, film and fashion shoot director Roisino (Sody, Baby Queen, Theon Cross).