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Henge are on tour with their ‘Cosmic Dross Experiment’

Intergalactic ravers HENGE are preparing to embark on their latest adventure; THE COSMIC DROSS EXPERIMENT tour. The alien joymongers have arranged a series of concerts throughout the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania between October and December. The aim of these experimental gatherings is to explore the potential of Cosmic Dross to alter psychological and physiological states in human beings.

Cosmic Dross is a sacred sonic art form created by HENGE. Unfortunately for Earthlings, there are currently no human words that adequately describe how it sounds – although it features thundering drums, clothes-shredding bass, whacked-out synths, and singing that lays bare the joy of life.

HENGE came to Earth four years ago to spread their message of peace, love and harmony through Cosmic Dross. Since landing, they have witnessed how the sounds stimulate extreme positivity in humans, so much so that they were awarded Best Live Act at the 2018 Independent Festival Awards. Now, following a summer playing to tens of thousands of people at festivals such as Glastonbury, Bluedot and Beat Herder, the extra-terrestrials intend to analyse the acute and chronic effects of their sonic transmissions at a number of live shows in the autumn and winter.

Zpor, HENGE founder, singer and hobby scientist, said: “There is some evidence to suggest that Cosmic Dross can be used to catalyse euphoria. A study carried out on various humanoids suggests a 60-minute exposure to Cosmic Dross can lead to subjects experiencing a happiness increase of greater than 60% as measured on the Subjective Happiness Scale (Lyubomirsky & Lepper).

These extra-terrestrial frequencies have been reported to affect the human nervous system in a variety of ways. For example, there is the stimulation of positively charged brainwaves, which can cause a temporary ecstatic state. Many subjects report an increase in feelings of joy that can last for days and sometimes weeks after the experience. Then there is the temporary suspension of negative thoughts and loss of inhibition, which can naturally increase serotonin levels. And there is also the provocation of movement through incitement to dancing, resulting in increased heart rate, a reduction in stress and anxiety levels, and a boost in general sense of wellbeing.”

The study will undertake to test Cosmic Dross as a potential positive force and seek to substantiate or disprove these claims using scientific method. Humans in the UK keen to participate in THE COSMIC DROSS EXPERIMENT can do so at the following gatherings:


Wed 16 YORK Crescent

Thu 17 LEEDS Brudenell Social Club

Fri 18 LIVERPOOL District

Sat 19 MANCHESTER Academy 2 (Matinee)

Sat 19 MANCHESTER Academy 2 (Evening)

Tue 22 CAMBRIDGE Junction

Wed 23 MILTON KEYNES Craufurd Arms

Thu 24 PORTSMOUTH Wedgewood Rooms

Fri 25 PLYMOUTH Junction (Matinee)

Fri 25 PLYMOUTH Junction (Evening)

Sat 26 NARBERTH Queens Hall

Sun 27 RHAYADER Lost Arc (Matinee)

Thu 31 BIRMINGHAM Hare & Hounds (Matinee)

Thu 31 BIRMINGHAM Hare & Hounds (Evening)


Fri 01 GLASTONBURY King Arthur

Sat 02 GREAT YARMOUTH Sci-Fi Weekender

Sun 03 NORWICH Waterfront

Tue 05 NOTTINGHAM Old Cold Store

Wed 06 EXETER Bierkeller

Thu 07 BRIGHTON Patterns

Fri 08 LONDON Garage

Sat 09 LEICESTER Cookie

Sun 10 BRISTOL Fleece (Matinee)

Sun 10 BRISTOL Fleece (Evening)


To accompany their tour, HENGE will reveal Episode One of their brand-new comic book. This first instalment tells the thrilling story of how a human being – synth player Grok – came to join this extra-terrestrial posse and how together they might just be able to save the planet.

As Zpor explains: “In order to highlight the therapeutic benefits of making art and encourage creativity in humans, copies of the comic can be obtained through an art exchange scheme. You can pick up your very own limited-edition issue by swapping it for a piece of your own artwork – a painting, drawing or sculpture, a piece of clothing, jewellery or an adornment of any variety. Any home-crafted, physical item, unique and made by YOU can be traded for a limited edition HENGE comic at any of THE COSMIC DROSS EXPERIMENT shows. You do not need to use expensive materials. All ages and skill levels are welcome to participate.

Participant’s artworks will be collected, photographed and displayed in a digital gallery on the HENGE website: https://hengemusic.com/

In addition, and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the human species’ excellent achievement of sending people to the moon and back, HENGE recently decided to go up there themselves to film a video. “The song, MOON, is a reminder to all humans, wherever they may be on Earth’s surface, to devote a little time to take in the beauty of your moon and meditate on its milky gorgeousity,” says Zpor. “Some planets have many moons but, Earthlings, you have only one. Therefore, it is appropriate that you cherish your singular and exquisite celestial pumpkin and duly take inspiration from this magnificent satellite.” You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ii3Tw1QfAEc