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HM Johnsen releases new E.P. ‘Serenity’

HM Johnsen’s new E.P. ‘Serenity’ – an EP inspired by decamping from Norway to Berlin to soak in the inspiring, creative atmosphere.

HM Johnsen an indie rock singer-songwriter from Norway who in recent years has embarked on an incredible personal musical journey: from blues, to rock to his ‘epiphany’ of moving into experimental indie rock. Although still in his early 20’s, he is already an accomplished guitarist, singer, writer and composer who has recorded his music and played concerts all over the world. The culmination of this musical journey is embodied in his latest release, the E.P ‘Serenity’, which was released on 27th November 2020.

For HM Johnsen growing up, the guitar was his closest friend and music was his first love. As a kid he delighted in exploring all genres of music– first falling in love with rock and metal before moving into a more Blues & Rock style. By 2017 he had released his debut Blues Rock album Chased – an album entirely funded by his own small local community in Western Norway and mastered in the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London UK.

It was such a fantastic coup for a young artist, the national broadcaster of Norway decided to cover his journey and broadcast the story of this young and talented musician following his dream. Then things got a little crazy: Johnsen was very quickly signed up with a Blues/ Rock management company. In 2018 he won the title “Norwegian Blues Union Artist” of the year- a title which brought with it over 50 concerts in both Norway, Germany and America. A fantastic opportunity – but for this young artist things were increasingly speeding out of his control.