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Nicola Høie releases debut track ‘Secrets’

Stay tuned for more Nicola Høie releases and news. This is just the beginning.

Meet Nicola Høie, the soon to be pop superstar, whose name will no doubt be on everyone’s lips come 2023. Nicola releases her first track Secrets out now, and it can be streamed / downloaded from then here.

Secrets is the first track to be released by Nicola Høie and kick-starts a series of releases of pop bangers and future hits. Written by Joseph Smithson and Jess Eigen, produced by the former, and mixed by Axel Reinemer, the punchy and contemporary production perfectly complements her unique vocals.

Describing Secrets, Nicola adds: “I’m so excited for my first track to come out! I feel that quite a few people will relate to Secrets. I think a lot of us have had relationships with people who aren’t good for you, and you find yourself giving them too many chances to change their crappy ways. It’s just the same repetition over and over and you don’t have a choice but to leave and break free of the toxic cycle. I hope I can send a message through this song and make listeners feel that they deserve better and sometimes it’s better to walk away.”

Hailing from Norway and residing in Denmark, the young rising star can’t help but be inspired by her Scandinavian roots as well as looking to the UK and USA for a variety of influences. She has spent the last 2 years honing her craft, working with some of the world’s best songwriters and working on her debut album between Stockholm, Berlin and Liverpool.

Stay tuned for more Nicola Høie releases and news. This is just the beginning.