The Kooks’ guitarist Hugh Harris kick starts his first solo project with the release of single ‘Earth Like You’, out July 24th.

Acting as the opening chapter of an intimate diary of the last ten years of his life, ‘Earth Like You’ has a distinct ideology behind it with the added extra of Hugh’s artistic flair. Having applied his self-taught skills of arranging strings and horns together fruitfully on this single, the track is a dreamy soundscape, a perfect synth-pop romance, painted by the amalgamation of many blissful and whimsical sounds.

A fantasy led love story, Hugh explains the meaning and sentiment behind the song: “When I was young I used to get these crazy high temperatures and hear loud noises and feel like my limbs were larger than they were or I was sinking through the ground. That’s kind of continued into my adult life. The way I deal with that is to imagine it’s some kind of communicative thing with another species and that, in a really strange way, helps to relieve the stress of it. That song came from that feeling, then I invented the story of someone falling in love with an alien, but they can’t be together because the alien doesn’t want to live on planet earth until we can learn to look after each other, feel love, and take care of our planet. So they have to travel to different worlds to settle.”

Hugh’s solo project as a whole is a journey back to his roots. A story of his origins as a member of youth opera groups, his time in a pinnacle indie band and everything in between.


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