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Hunny to Headline Manchester

American rockers Hunny will bring their headline tour to Manchester later this month. The show comes in support of the quartet’s debut album, Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, released last year.

The full-length debut from HUNNY, Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. is an endless back-and-forth between heavy-hearted lyrics and bright-and-shiny melodies, lovesick confession and addictively dancey rhythms. With the album centered on a narrative Yarger sums up as “I love you and I want to die,” the Woodland Hills, California-bred band wrote most of the songs on acoustic guitar, deliberately channeling a raw vulnerability into every line. But despite that moody intensity, Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. embodies the wildly frenetic energy of HUNNY’s live show, a happily chaotic free-for-all they’ve previously brought to the stage in touring with bands like The Neighbourhood and Beach Slang.

As they immersed themselves in writing for Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes., HUNNY purposely strayed from their punk roots (“I definitely went through a phrase of being a weird little crust-punk kid,” Yarger points out), and dug deeper into their love for ’80s new wave and ’90s pop. In that process, the band ultimately instilled a whole new sense of immediacy into their music. “We started to be less ethereal and cryptic, and focused on writing songs that people could really latch onto,” says Grimmett.

Another key aspect of HUNNY’s newly revitalized sound: the hugely catchy choruses found in each song on Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. As Grimmett explains, the band introduced that element with their ever-communal live show in mind. “We really love the emotive aspect of playing a show,” says Grimmett. “The kids are always moshing and stage-diving and crowd-surfing, but they’re also singing our songs back to us the whole time. For this record we really took the time to think about what we were going to give them to sing, and made sure that it’s something with real feeling and meaning to it.”

Hunny who will headline O2 Ritz in Manchester on February 26th