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Imaina releases debut EP ‘Wounds’

The mystical melancholy takes an abrupt twist once the trip-hop kicks in.

Belgian-Bolivian artist IMAINA presents her debut EP ‘Wounds’, and shares visuals from the track ‘D.U.K’.

Written and composed by the artist herself and co-produced with Coy Lurker, her brother, the 6-tracks EP features previous singles Glass Box (praised in Gal-Dem) and I’m Yours and D.U.K.. They all showcase IMAINA’s melancholic electropop music, aerial synths combined with hip-hop inspired drums and percussion. The record also highlights her signature suspenseful and dramatic moments in her songs as well as her poetic lyrics in English and Spanish.

A close friend of mine confided in me about her emotional struggles related to her previous toxic relationships. She made me realise I went through a lot of them and I ended up writing an entire EP about these stories.  She allowed me to become a vessel and ‘musicalize’ and visualise her raw experiences. I wanted to share our wounds and for people to listen to her, to us, and to go through a vivid emotional rollercoaster”.

As an independent artist, it was important for IMAINA to be part of the entire process of making an EP, from the writing, producing, to the creation of the visuals that she imagined and conceptualised and finally to the managing of the project. For the latter to remain as pure and genuine, she has also decided to work with people who truly respect her vision and her work as well as her family for some aspects of the project such as the styling, the set decoration and a part of the business management.

‘Wounds’ is an exhilarating debut project from an artist determined to re-define the lines of electro art-pop.