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Imen Siar release new single ;Glitter and Gold’

Her burgeoning reputation will step up a gear as she releases her second single ‘Glitter and Gold’

23-year-old newcomer Imen Siar showcased a world class vocal and the personality to match with her debut single ‘Lonely People’. Earning tastemaker acclaim in the UK, continuing to earn increasing radio support in the US, and appearing on TV in Italy, Imen demonstrated that she’s truly one of a kind and this is all achieved on off-days while she continues her job working as a waitress at Nando’s in London. Her burgeoning reputation will step up a gear as she releases her second single ‘Glitter and Gold’ on icons + giants, as well as its official video. Listen HERE. Watch the video HERE.

The opening lyric of ‘Glitter and Gold’ sees Imen stating that she has been “underestimated from day one” and that candid bravery is at the heart of the song. Imen takes on her previous outsider status, but more importantly is acutely determined not to be defined by it as she forges ahead to a brighter future. And there’s no disputing her rising status when you hear that voice: equal measures of spirited soul and pop poise stirred into a message that overflows with the precious power of positive thinking. Simply: if you’ve ever felt like you don’t belong, ‘Glitter and Gold’ is an anthem that can inspire anyone’s personal “glow up” and self-belief.

Imen says, “‘Glitter and Gold’ was my first attempt at songwriting, and I wanted it to reflect my journey, how my view on life itself has changed, and how it’s made me the confident person I am today. “‘Turning it all to glitter and gold, I’mma be going” is my favourite line in the song. Growing up, I was heavily bullied and I made the decision at a young age to try to put a positive spin on the negative moments in my life. I wanted my lyrics to empower listeners to be able to do the same, without fear.”

Imen co-wrote ‘Glitter and Gold’ with the song’s producers, rising hitmaker Jackson Hoffman and the Grammy-nominated icons + giants co-founder Billy Mann (P!nk, Take That, John Legend).

The joy and self-empowerment that ‘Glitter and Gold’ conveys comes across just as powerfully in its music video. Imen is clearly euphoric just as soon as she sings “I’m turning it all into glitter and gold” and that provides an irresistible energy. The video’s playful vibe is further amplified by placing Imen in the context of a photoshoot and styling session, a tone that’s also elevated with guest appearances from social media stars Alec Chambers, Jony Sios and Attis.