Alt rockers InFade return to release of new single Embers, celebrating with a launch party, June 28th @ 360 club, Leeds, where they celebrated Independent Venue Week 2019 with a packed out gig curated by GusAlt J!

The band are exploring new sounds and arrangements following the rhythmic feel and high energy choruses that make inFade who they are.

All arranged in band; the song follows a rhythmic guitar through groovy verses and epic choruses to a massive emotional finish with huge drums, flowing strings and powerful vocals.

Embers was an idea I had a while ago, I tried it with several other combinations of musicians but no-one seemed to get it! As soon as Jonny sat down behind the kit and not only played the groove I had in my head, but made it 10x better I knew we had something special.
Creating, performing, demo-ing and producing, we’re absolutely loving every minute of it and can’t wait to share everything we’ve been working on, first and foremost Embers! And of course we are so grateful for all the love and support we’ve had so far” –Singer/Guitarist/Producer Max on Embers

This is band who really get into it, it’s not a ‘stage act’ but it’s visually exciting, they hardly ever stay in the one spot or just stand there, they’re all over the www. At no point do I think ‘well, this is just all sounding the same’. Stuff like this, relies on three people locking into something. It isn’t going to work if they don’t know what they’re doing musically, and inFade can play, they play really brilliantly well. They are really worth catching.” Local sound Focus

“InFade deliver a great start to their career with this brand new single. Loud punchy rock and sexy bass riffs. Such a clean sound is rarely found from start up bands! Definitely worth listening to” Denim and Leather magazine

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