Declan J Donovan has announced details of a new single. The Essex singer-songwriter will release ‘Into The Fire’ on Polydor on 21st May. The follow-up to the stirring ballad ‘Before You Let Me Go’, which came out in March, ‘Into The Fire’ is an anthemic ballad that combines Donovan’s powerful, mesmeric vocal with stirring, epic instrumentation. Donovan is one of the breakout stars of the past year, counting an audience of over three million in global listeners. His tales of love and heartbreak and what it’s like to be a young adult in 2021 are connecting on a huge scale.

With its captivating hook and huge chorus, ‘Into The Fire’ is another leap forward for Donovan. Speaking about the song, he says: “‘Into The Fire’ is a song about fighting to get someone back in your life again, and learning to love yourself in order to be there for that other person.”

Donovan has been operating on another level since his 2020 track ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ became a viral hit across Instagram and TikTok. Its body-positivity message forged a big emotional connection with listeners. The song has over 97 million combined views and has racked up 35 million plays on Spotify.

From Harlow in Essex, Donovan’s breakthrough track was Fallen So Young, a song he uploaded to Soundcloud in 2017 that found millions of fans around the globe. Since then, he has continued to refine his songwriting and amassed a diehard fanbase over a series of knockout singles. ‘Into The Fire’ is another example of an artist who is in the midst of a creative purple patch. Declan J Donovan’s rise continues.

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