Introducing Cande y Paulo!

Over ten million people were captivated by Cande Buasso and Paulo Carrizo’s performance of Barro Tal Vez, an achingly intense but minimalist Argentinian song that went viral on Youtube in 2017. This was the first time that ‘Cande y Paulo’ – one of the most captivating musical couples we’ve seen in years – appeared together. Today, the duo announce their signing to the legendary label Decca Records, and release the very same track as their debut single, along with a mesmerising music video shot in their hometown of San Juan, Buenos Aires and Los Angeles. 

The original performance was, in essence, their first date, revealing a musical chemistry so rare, and a public reception so great that what came next was inevitable. Fast forward three years, a whirlwind journey across three continents, and the pair are in the studio recording with multi-Grammy award winning producer Larry Klein in LA. 

“I was drawn to the honesty and lack of self-consciousness in Cande’s singing, and I felt that there was a mysterious minimalism in the musical language that Paulo and Cande were crafting for themselves that was immediately alluring to me and that felt very kindred to where I live musically” says Klein. 

‘Barro Tal Vez’ was written by poet and rock legend Luis Alberto Spinetta at the age of 14. It is about the transmutation of the soul. Talking about the recording, Cande y Paulo explain,  

“Barro Tal Vez is one of the most profound and magical songs we know. To this day it represents the young boy who wrote it and went on to become one of the all time greats. When we came to recording it, we were completely overrun by the deep spiritual message hidden inside it.”  

This same message is delivered through Cande’s vocal charged with emotion, and both of their understated but powerful performances; Cande on the double bass and Paulo on keys. 

It is their deep sensitivity for transmitting the poignancy and heart of a song that characterises the music of Cande y Paulo, which is both ambitious in its stylistic reach, and effortless in its emotional appeal. 

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