ISYLA Release Their Album ‘Of Blood And Star’ today on Earth Day. The cross generational folk-pop duo release their album ‘Of Blood and Star’, an album that represents their deeper connections with the earth and each other.

UK singer-songwriters Lizzie Freeborn and Amy Woodburn are a cross generational duo who formed in 2020 to offer a musical response to raising the profile of the climate crisis. The two combine their love for cinematic arrangements, dynamic harmonies and sultry grooves to sing for life on earth.

Since their 2020 debut they have featured on BBC Introducing, Music Declares Emergency, The Conscious Festival, FATEA, Climate Live and received critical acclaim from eco and music press around the world. ISYLA have performed for Climate Live, VOXJAM and made their London debut at the iconic Bedford venue in 2021.

The album ‘Of Blood And Star’, is out on Earth Day (22nd April) and follows the success of their 2020 release ‘Where She Walks’, which received acclaim across global media outlets in the music and eco fields.

In creating the album the two teamed with a live band composed of talented session players; Lukas Drinkwater on bass (Emily Barker), Evan Carson on drums (Kate Rusby), Kit Hawes on guitar (Yola, Seth Lakeman) and Rob Pemberton on keys (The Staves). ‘Of Blood And Star’ is produced by Gareth Young (Tom Meighan of Kasabian).

‘What a joyful and spine tingling experience it was to work with the top UK session players who brought their gorgeous vibe to the final mix of our follow-up album ‘Of Blood and Star.’ Lyrically we worked hard to be true to our own voices for this collection of songs. We hope the passion that we feel for our subject matter translates as we were definitely feeling it in the booth! I think there is a sizable dose of the cinematic in this collection, in particular the title track, as we both love music that transports us in this way.’

ISYLA are love-bomb artivism; they have provided a soulful, musical introduction into eco, social and environmental changes in an inclusive form, focussing on the heart of what matters.

“Of Blood and Star’ represents our deeper connections with the earth and each other, we are all rooted in the ground together”. Singer Lizzie expresses her inner thoughts not just through her voice but also through fire dancing as this is a way she connects with the elements of the world.

‘Invincible Heart’ is a song that reaches a hand across the generation span between Lizzie and I. I was lucky enough to feel ‘invincible’ growing up. It’s easy for us to give up on ideals as we grow into this imperfect world. The song is a call for unity and celebrates a spirited approach to life, love and the incredible connections humans make that power us all on our journeys.’

ISYLA’S album ‘Of Blood and Star’ is out now

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