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Izakman releases new single ‘Real Boy’

He’s back! Izakman – the epitome of quirky art prog influenced music – now with added acid trip!

Israeli musician and award-winning animator Izakman (aka Itamar Isaak) releases his second UK single ‘Real Boy’ via SuArt. Izakman has already attracted the attention of his local music industry with his charismatic stage presence and enigmatic style.

‘Real Boy’ follows on from his debut UK single ‘Cyber Love’ and is the rock n roll version of Pinocchio, a story about growth and transformation towards self-fulfilment.  Israel is going through not only a health crisis but also through a financial-political, social and moral crises, which leads to a total loss of belief in the system and the media.  Izakman wishes to inspire and stimulate more optimism with his music. Real Boy was born of a genuine belief in oneself and is about coming out of darkness into light.

Izakman is part of a growing young underground music community called “Floating Anarchy.” The group has been active for two years, secretly running events all over the country that’s spread only by word of mouth.  Their festivals are independent and hippie in spirit and originated from a gathering in the woods with the first being named “02 Infinity”, where he performed to great success.  He continued to take part in other events and then volunteered to design and to decorate everything as well as doing the logo. That was also the first time he also took acid….

Growing up in an anglophile home with roots from South Africa the young Itamar graduated from the prestigious Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design in Jerusalem, majoring in animation. His graduation film won the “best animation” prize at the Beliff film festival in London. After a career composing music for television and theatre, he formed his own band determined to dedicate his heart and soul to his own music project.

Izakman’s live show is a delicious journey fueled with guitar distortions and harmonies that blur the line between imagination and reality. An immersive rock n roll show that you simply cannot resist!

GET ‘REAL BOY’ HERE: http://bit.ly/RealBoyIzakman