Izo FitzRoy’s first two albums, ‘Skyline’ (2017) and ‘How The Mighty Fall’ (2020), saw the multifaceted gospel, blues and jazz singer songwriter, set herself apart from her contemporaries. Her uplifting harmonies, powerful lead vocals and raw, dynamic live performances instigated waves of international critical acclaim and won her plays on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 1, BBC 6Music, BBC London, JazzFM, a FIP Selection award, the ‘Heavy Rotation’ feature on NPR in the US, plus head towards almost half a million monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

Now Izo FitzRoy shares new single ‘Give Me The High’, building towards the release of her third and most personal album ‘A Good Woman’, which will follow on the 28th April 2023 on Jalapeno Records.  Listen HERE.

‘A Good Woman’ is a stunning and powerful reflection on Izo’s personal journey. A journey that starts with becoming disconnected from herself through depression, and finally coming home to herself. A reclamation of what it means to her to be a woman today and how that sonically translates to her as an artist.  The album takes Izo’s songs to a new territory which is vibrant and ecstatic musically, with lyrics ranging from introspective and soul searching to uplifting and empowering.

Izo explains “The album is in part autobiographical and takes a wider look at being a woman in a male dominated industry and living in a patriarchal society. I tried to look at the myriad of ways that women, (myself included), have given away their autonomy and power to institutions, labels and people”.

Izo adds, “I have been incredibly fortunate to work with Oscar who is not only a phenomenal musician and producer, but he is also an immensely open and supportive collaborator. This album has been a collaborative process from start to finish: from writing and recording, to the final production of each track”.

‘A Good Woman’ is Izo FitzRoy’s most accomplished album to date, an album full of highs and lows addressing who Izo really is as a woman and railing against convention, wrangling shame, getting out of depression, and ultimately coming home to herself and her body. Her live band and gospel choir replicate on record, the magic she brings to her live show. Izo can be seen playing live in the UK on 22nd April at Jazz Café in London, Blues Kitchen in Manchester on 18th May and Old Market in Brighton on 3rd June.

The full list of UK & Europe dates can be seen HERE.

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