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Jack In Water pays tribute to his mum in video

The track is another taste of his exceptional forthcoming debut album, due later this year.

With a string of singles under his belt including last year’s empowering single ‘Just Smile’ and his recent single ‘You Don’t Feel Like Home’, one of the UK’s finest rising artists, Jack In Water, has released his new track ‘Anxious Smothers’. The track is another taste of his exceptional forthcoming debut album, due later this year.

Speaking of the track William said “Anxious Smothers is the first song I have ever written about my Mum. She has suffered with depression for a long time before ever managing to get any help. I think as a Mum you often put your child ahead of your own wellbeing and I guess the song is essentially capturing the sentiment that I want her to find peace and address all of the internal issues that take a back seat when you are raising a child.’

“I originally wanted to shoot the video with her when we first set out to plan the campaign, but because of COVID that obviously changed things as I am in Spain and she is in the UK. However I still managed to sing to her in a way, but through the medium of projections. I was also lucky enough to get some amazing footage of her as a child which I had not seen before. I wanted the video to reinforce the message that we are pretty much made up of our childhood experiences and if we don’t confront the impact it has had on us we can never really move on. I am lucky that I live in a time where there is access to therapy and the freedom to speak about mental health very openly, but my Mum was not. So obviously rather than offer any practical help or advice I wrote a dramatic song and made a video about it all! I guess it is really just to serve as a reminder that all I really want from/for her is for her to find peace”

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