Previously praised by leading talents such as Sir Elton John and Sting, Jake Isaac released his recent tracks ‘Start Again’ and ‘Still Have You’ and saw the South Londoner take his soulful expression and sumptuous songcraft to a new level. Jake Isaac now raises the bar with a double-bill of announcements. Today he shares his new single ‘When It Hurts’ and its official video, which features the chart-topping Jack Savoretti, and announces the April 14th release date of his new album ‘For When It Hurts’. Listen to ‘When It Hurts’ HERE.

‘For When It Hurts’ is a record which sees Jake starting conversations about the issues which men often keep under wraps. He embraces the vulnerabilities that come with love and loss, with fears and failures, with hope and helplessness, and provides a safe space and touching antidote to the toxic masculinity that’s sadly in vogue. Musically, he fuses an authentic soul voice with the craftsmanship of classic songwriting which encompasses jazz arrangements and orchestral, semi-classical flourishes – with Jake producing and recording every instrument that features on the album.
Jake says, “‘For When It Hurts’ is literally a step forward from my last album ‘Honesty’. It’s my attempt to put some language to honest relationship hurdles and hurts, whilst appreciating and emphasising the need for comfort and consoling when things are hard. I think as men it can often be hard to fully communicate one’s feelings as efficiently as women do, more often than not. This album is my attempt to do that in a non-perfect but transparent way. I suppose one will never get it perfect, but then again if you’re fighting for something it’s always worth a try.”
Jake’s new single ‘When It Hurts’ collates the album’s strengths into one three-minute package. Jake’s tender baritone weaves into Jack Savoretti’s warm rasp, with the two men elucidating about love. It’s contemporary soul with a broad pop appeal, and an instant calling card for the other riches set to be unveiled upon the album’s release.
Jake continues, “This song is about the days when everything that’s supposed to be beautiful about a relationship is painful. It’s a song to articulate that pain but in a journeying type of way. I think it’s easy when things are rough to give up before the journey event starts. This song speaks to the longing for comfort in those times even from the person you’re journeying with. It’s a massive privilege to have my friend Jack on this one, his incredible voice and musical sensibilities really do push the feeling in the song.”
Jack adds, ”I have always admired Jake’s music, he is an incredible songwriter and so it was wonderful to get the opportunity to work on this song together.”

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