Inspired by the desire to return to the form of classic songs, layered with kaleidoscopic oddness, Irish artist Jape announces the release of their sixth album ‘Endless Thread’ on Faction September 2023. The announcement comes with the release of a new single taken from the album ‘Heal These Wounds’ out July 18th.

Stream / download the new single ‘Heal These Wounds’ –

Taking cues from the endlessly inventive solo records of the 1970’s, ( think Paul McCartney, Judee Sill, Robert Wyatt, John Cale etc. ) as well as present day production techniques, Endless Thread is memorable, uncomplicated and positive.

From a humorous contemplation on infinity, ‘The Hilbert Hotel’ to catchy brainworm ‘Lashing Through the Minutes’ or a Beatles-y take on a family Christmas with board games, ‘In Our Home’ – Endless Thread shows a songwriter spreading their wings and having fun, making music for the sake of the songs, pulling them from the air and dressing them.

Richard Egan produced and recorded the album at RARN studio using a unique collection of ribbon microphones, tape machines and tube outboard equipment. The album was mixed by David Odlum ( Sam Smith, Lisa O’ Neill ) and mastered by Seán Mac Erlaine. The artwork was assembled by M&E Sweden.

‘I’ve been putting all my focus onto getting into the tiny details of songs these days, there is so much joy in the details. The title Endless Thread reminds me we are all stitches on the rug of time who influence each other and inspire people in ways we don’t even know half the time, whether it’s an artist from the past or a thread on a social media page.

The first release from the record will be ‘Heal These Wounds’ – an upbeat song written around the time I was writing a lot of songs for cartoons, it’s a song that made me fall back in love with writing again, I listen to a lot of experimental and ‘weird’ music, however I always seem to fall back to the melodic side of things, in the past I sort of ran away from that but this time I thought I should embrace it as it seems to be what I might be good at.’ Richard Egan

Jape is an act from Dublin, Ireland. Endless Thread is released on Faction Records Friday 29th. September 2023. ‘Heal These Wounds’ out 18th. July.

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