JAXN’s early tracks have resulted in attention from ClashLyrical Lemonade and Office, hit numerous alternative playlists across streaming services, and seen the producer/songwriter/vocalist amass more than a million likes at TikTok. Now returning in a much bigger way with more releases on the horizon, JAXN now shares his first new track of 2022, ‘One Kiss’. Listen HERE.

While JAXN’s previous tracks have drawn upon guitar-heavy Britpop and the summery American radio hits of the late ‘90s, ‘One Kiss’ takes a fresh but equally nostalgic direction. After the jangly acoustic pop of the verses, the song moves into the kind of epic and insistent hook that can be found in some of the most memorable late 90’s pop ballads – albeit with a breezy, bouncy energy that throws an unexpected twist into the mix. JAXN’s performance and lyrics display his playful personality as he tells a story of doing his best to resist a past love interest… only to realise that he has once again fallen under her spell.

JAXN says, “I felt after all the energy, it was time to do something a little more laid-back. I wanted to show another side to my music, nerd out on the production and explore some contrasting elements. It was an exciting journey and the song turned out sounding super nostalgic, just how I like them.”

JAXN produced the song with Jack Laboz, and co-wrote it with fellow rising talents Frawley (‘No One Can Fix Me’) and Izzi De-Rosa (‘Love & Roulette’).  The ‘One Kiss’ video also possesses some throwback flavour. Featuring dynamic performances from JAXN and his band along with light-hearted footage of them hanging out around Manchester, the fisheye lens, fashion choices and visual effects are all evocative of the music videos of the ‘90s.  Watch the video HERE.

Originally from Manchester and now based in West London, JAXN’s influences stretch from the present day and back some three decades. As well as Britpop and ‘90s alternative rock, his eclectic sound also touches on modern alt-pop, R&B, skate punk and much more. His music is as diverse as you’d expect from influences such as Blur, Jamie T, OutKast, D’Angelo, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Cure and Jack Johnson.

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