JB Dunckel, co-founder of the iconic French band Air, has written and recorded his first-ever ballet score, Möbius Morphosis, a monumental work blending electronics, percussion and mixed choir.

The soundtrack will be released digitally on Warner Classics (in co-production with Radio France, La Maîtrise de Radio France and Prototyp Recording) on 19 July, with a limited-edition transparent vinyl LP released on 9 August.

The ballet was commissioned as part of Paris’s Cultural Olympiad in collaboration with renowned choreographer Rachid Ouramdane (Director of Chaillot – National Theatre of Dance) and Compagnie XY. Möbius Morphosis brings together over 100 acrobats, dancers, and choir members on stage, with choreography inspired by the phenomenon of large, spontaneous gatherings in the animal kingdom – such as murmurations of birds, or shoals of fish. The world premiere takes place at the Festival des Nuits de Fourvière on 2 July.

Composer JB Dunckel said of the soundtrack: “This music is first and foremost at the service of a choreography whose boldness, acrobatic grace and energy won me over straight away. The choir of Maitrise de Radio France amplified the scope of the work above my expectations. From the moment I started composing, I brought my very personal formula of percussion, pure voices and powerful electronics to the process… The vocal harmonies are characterised by a certain exalted dramatic tension, sometimes desperate, sometimes glorious.”

The first single, Corps échangés, is released on Warner Classics on 5 July.

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