Growing anticipation for the album has seen Jewelia pick up support across the board, now Jewelia keeps that winning streak going by sharing the new single ‘Loser’.

New year’s resolutions: remember those from back when the days were dark and cold? Studies show that most such ambitions fizzle out around now, and that is a big part of what inspired ‘Loser’. Almost everyone struggles with procrastination and a lack of confidence at times, but that’s entirely normal: self-improvement is a matter of slow steady progress. It’s fitting, then, that ‘Loser’ sounds like a celebration as Jewelia shares her own vulnerabilities within a feelgood early 2000s pop-rock sound with a contemporary bedroom pop edge that will connect with fans of Em Beihold and Baby Queen.

Jewelia says, “‘Loser’ is about all those times when we couldn’t push ourselves out of our comfort zones. When we wanted to say something but were too embarrassed or shy to say it. When we wanted to learn how to play an instrument or learn that new language but always found an excuse that there was no time. When we let an opportunity slip away because we lacked the courage or the confidence. This doesn’t make us losers, just humans.”

‘Loser’ joins ‘Invisible Wall’, ‘Second Best’ and ‘Strong In My Own Way’ in previewing the ‘Little Wins’ album. It marks a valiant evolution in her style, with a focus on laser-sharp pop hooks, nostalgic sonic influences and a flair for sharing relatable issues with both bravery and personality. Fans instantly reacted, leading to £8000 worth of advance backing in a month via a Kickstarter campaign.

‘Little Wins’ is available to pre-order or pre-save HERE.

Jewelia will celebrate the release of ‘Little Wins’ by playing a special album launch show at The Lexington in London on April 21st. Tickets are available HERE.

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