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John Craigie to headline The Castle Hotel in Manchester

“The lovechild of Mitch Hedberg and John Prine…” The Stranger

Portland, OR-based singer-songwriter John Craigie announces the April 21st vinyl release date of his new full length Scarecrow. The completely analog album was recorded live to a 2 inch tape, mastered to tape, and cut straight to be pressed to vinyl. 

“These are songs written for last year’s No Rain, No Rose, but were cut from the album because they’re slower and softer in feel than the rest of that album,” Craigie explains. “They are sort of homeless songs, which is one reason why I used the name Scarecrow. They are songs that are out alone in a field.”

Scarecrow was self-produced, and as you’ll hear there isn’t much production,” Craigie continues. “Most songs were done either on first or second take. It turns out lots of people record to tape, then mix digitally on Pro Tools, but it’s uncommon to go analog for the full process. I think vinyl fans will appreciate the sound and the fully analog process, while Craigie fans will appreciate putting on a record that is really chill and vibey.”

Craigie’s music is connecting with both audiences and various famous folks. Fellow troubadour Todd Snider notably hand-delivered a gift on-stage, and action hero Chuck Norris remarkably sent Craigie fan mail. Most notably, Craigie caught the attention of Jack Johnson, when his 2016 live LP Capricorn in Retrograde… Just Kidding… Live in Portland landed in Johnson’s car stereo during a California coastal road trip. Immediately becoming a fan, Jack reached out and Craigie soon found himself opening for him. This spring Craigie will play three amphitheater shows with Johnson. Other upcoming tour stops for Craigie include headlining shows in New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, and festival performances at Summer Camp, Mountain Jam, and Pickathon. 

Craigie truly has a unique live performance; between nearly each song of the set, there’s a “bit” he’s written that thematically leads into the next track. This moved Seattle weekly The Stranger to dub him “the lovechild of John Prine and Mitch Hedberg.” 

Craigie recently released his second live album LIVE – Opening for Steinbeck, a perfect example of his craft. Featuring his wry observational humor interwoven in both story and song, The Boot calls the album “a prime example of how Craigie mixes comedic tales and his musical storytelling in his live shows.” Stream Live – Opening For Steinbeck on Spotify and Apple Music, or purchase the CD here.

John Craigie will headline The Castle Hotel in Manchester on January 23rd